We scan social media day and night and identify hundreds of influencers that have their own unique style. Choose the influencers that best suit your brand. They become "guest editors" of your social media page. You benefit from their talent.

The result is genuine and authentic content – the most important thing any influencer marketing campaign can offer.


Through daily scans of social media channels, the platform is able to provide the most suitable influencers for your campaign according to GEO, vertical and numerous demographic parameters.


Naomi is a groundbreaking media retargeting system. Retarget the users that engaged with your influencer, and send a new message to generate more awareness.


A high-end dashboard that allows you to choose your LEADERS and approve every profile before it goes online. You can optimize the campaign, monitor the trend live and in real-time.


LEADERS will get a push notification from the app, and directly upload their picture and action.