Advertisers can optimize their campaigns based on API triggers through
TV Advertising, Sports, Weather & Market.

Millions of data points are used in real-time to understand behavior, and send the right content to users closer to your message.

To find the right audience, we use the technology of synchronization.
You choose the “event” that is relevant to your audience, and we synchronize your campaign to it.
A variety of possibilities are available to you.


Ideal for the extension of your TV campaign to web and to associate your ad with big events on live TV.

of all mobile/tablet users are on their devices while watching TV.

Getting the attention of consumers while watching TV is a challenge, especially when they are engaged with a secondary device.

  • Capture digital TV Campaigns in real-time, to duplicate messaging on a secondary device.
  • Monitor over 100 networks through Digital Fingerprint Technology, and Auto-Content Recognition.
  • Enhance brand awareness by leveraging TV campaigns, conquesting against competitors TV campaigns and through relative TV content.
  • Optimizing campaigns to increase performance and user engagement through real-time targeting, data, analytics and reporting.



Take advantage of real-time moments during sporting events.
Follow your consumers and their interests in sports.
Hyper-target downtime in live sporting events with brand messaging, and allow consumers to engage with that messaging in a sports environment.
This gives more value to sponsorship, brand messaging and targeting options.


Take advantage of weather data across the country, and plan a campaign synchronizing around real-time weather patterns that are relevant to your brand messaging.
Capable of different branding opportunities in different states, cities and zip codes.
Weather API triggers offer different brand verticals including pollen, cold and flu data.


Live digital data feeds from Currency Fluctuations and Financial News.
Optimize campaign inventory based on economic news across the country.
Sync positive financial messaging with market news and data to increase brand awareness.


Audio recognition to provide relevant Pre-Roll against relevant content.

A new targeting concept based on video content identification, that brings branding efficiency through smarter digital video advertising.

By scanning your video, we can analyze the semantics of your content and extract the primary keywords.

We will deliver your AD to people with interest and intent, and not general delivery where

of pre-roll goes to waste.

We push the right ad to the right content.


Viewability Rate
Brand Safety
Ad Completion